Saturday, 9 August 2014

Interesting Times

El Castillo de Cártama, held by the Moors until 1485. One of those clusters of white buildings on the far side of the valley is the pueblo where I'll be living for a month or so come September. (Photo by Juan Antonio Arenas Dueñas).

Thanks to those of you who responded to my 'Question' post, your input was greatly appreciated! 

I have decided to diffuse my interests into several blogs. So subject to the time I have available over the coming months, there will be blogs for 'Retro Adventure Gaming', 'Late Medieval', 'Interwar' (Rif War to around 1942) and 'Post-War' (1945-1980), which together cover all of my serious interests. As I lack imagination these will all be titled 'Arlequín's *insert title* World, or some variation of that.

I have previously tried several blogs with a single conflict as the theme, which did not work out to my satisfaction. By widening the scope to 'a period' or general theme, rather than a single conflict, I hope to be more successful. As they become up and running, I will add them to my 'My Other Blogs' widget.

As almost all my worldly goods are packed or stored, in preparation for a move to Spain at the end of the month, I'm somewhat limited to what I can do right now and in the foreseeable future. So new content will be limited and I have decided to use the time to set up the other blogs. 

Rather than just re-posting from here to there, I will be re-writing and editing earlier content, as over the last couple of years I think I have improved in my writing (at least I hope I have!) and the older posts especially, could perhaps benefit from this experience.

As with most moves, there will be a period of confusion, disorder and disconnection from the internet. Posts will be few, responses to comments and e-mail will be delayed and it will probably seem like I have dropped off the edge of the world, when in fact I am merely setting up home in Andalucia.

With regard to this blog, the farming out of sections to other blogs goes from the extreme of my feeling of this one being stuffed overfull, to barely having a reason for being. I intend this one to become more personal, so posts such as this, what I am doing in life, product and book reviews and all the other day to day wargaming stuff, will be here. 

My stalled ATZ campaign does not fall comfortably within the 'Retro' theme of the Adventure blog, so that will be expanded on here and I have had various attempts at creating an imagi-nation or two, which I plan to add on here too.

Needless to say, it is a fair bit of work initially, but is something I can do hobby-wise until I am re-united with the bulk of my possessions at some vague future point.

Another view of the Castillo... which I hope to be investigating presently.